Saving With Silverman

Couples Counseling

Join us as we discuss the financial issues we tend to put off as well as the financial mistakes you could be making as a couple.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Think of Mark as your financial doctor. Hear what he would prescribe for some symptoms you may be experiencing. After that initial consult, we'll identify some red flags you should watch out for in your portfolio.

Lies From Broker School

We'll teach you the lies you learn in broker school as well as some important financial terms. We'll also examine how emotions affect your decision-making process and much more.

How To Achieve Your Retirement Goals

Everyone has something they want to do or accomplish in retirement. Let's talk about your retirement goals. We'll also have a conversation on things that don't matter...until they do.

Not Your Parents’ Retirement

Your retirement will look much different than your parent's. Find out why. We'll also determine your spending personality.

The Desire To Retire

Explore your inner desire to retire, set firm financial goals, and discover how to complete a roth conversion along the way.

Financial Codebreakers

Join us as we learn financial lessons from the world of medicine. Also, tell your advisor to give it to you straight. It's time we stop speaking in financial code. Say what you mean.

Double-Edged Swords In Retirement

Your financial circumstances could have both positive and negative aspects. Learn about that double-edged sword. We'll also share with you everything you need to know about life insurance.

Flirting With Disaster

Don't flirt with disaster in your portfolio. Learn where danger could be lurking. We'll also play a game of "Fact Or Fiction."

Opportunity Riding A Dangerous Wind

Explore ancient Chinese wisdom, and discover whether times of financial crisis might actually be an opportunity. Finally, make sure you never make certain assumptions about retirement.