Saving With Silverman

Watch out for Financial Salespeople in Disguise

When looking for a financial advisor, beware of signs that they are more interested in giving you sales pitches than helping plan your financial future. We’ll share things to watch out for when selecting a professional to help with your money and tell you more about the planning process we utilize with clients.


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:38 – Advisor or salesperson?

2:30 – Planning process

4:37 – Mark’s process

5:48 – What makes us unique?

7:40 – The first conversation


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Things You Can Control (And Things You Can’t) in Retirement

In retirement planning, there are many things that are completely out of your control. Fortunately, the things that you can control allow you to deal with those things you can’t.


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:55 – Market and risk

3:40 – Life span and income

5:23 – Tax rates and future taxes

6:43 – Social Security and income plan


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How to Handle Unique Challenges in Retirement

Creating a customized retirement plan for any individual can mean addressing some unique challenges. We’ll share some scenarios, discuss the challenges presented and share what solutions we recommend.


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What we discuss in this episode:


1:53 – Age gap

2:48 – Early retirement

4:06 – Lack of liquidity

5:28 – Separate finances

6:23 – Divorce

Overrated or Underrated? Tax Refunds, Mortgages and Mac & Cheese

What are your thoughts on tax refunds, mortgages, macaroni and cheese and Star Wars? Let’s have some fun today and talk about whether these things are overrated, underrated or properly rated.


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What we discuss in this episode:

0:51 – Tax refund

1:44 – Star Wars

2:30 – Paying off mortgage

3:33 – Variable annuities

5:00 – Macaroni & cheese

5:46 – Roth IRAs

What’s the Foundation of a Successful Retirement?

If you want a successful retirement, we’re sharing some of the foundational building blocks you need to have in place. For example, is your income plan ready to go?


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:15 – Income plan

1:57 – Money that lasts

3:12 – Being unprepared

4:25 – Steps to take

5:38 – Success stories


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How Do You Know? Answering Important Financial Questions

Today we’re sharing some crucial financial questions. How do you know how much income you’ll need in retirement? Are you taking too much risk on in your investments? We’ll answer these questions and more.


What we discuss in this episode: 

0:44 – How much income will you need?

2:03 – How much money in savings?

3:00 – How much life insurance?

4:19 – How much risk

6:06 – Are fees too high?

7:13 – Is an advisor a good fit?


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What We Wish You Knew About the Financial Industry

As a financial professional, there are things that Mark wishes everyone knew and understood about the financial industry. Today he’s going to share some of the tricks that sometimes get played and how to spot them.


What we discuss in this episode: 

0:56 – Tricks

3:06 – Fees

3:50 – Risk potential

5:13 – Credentials

7:02 – Taxes


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How Delayed Gratification Can Help Your Finances

Delayed gratification is a difficult skill to master and that’s just as true with financial matters as it is in the other areas of your life. Let’s talk about some instances where you might be faced with a choice of being satisfied now or satisfied later.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

1:00 – Budget vs. 401k match

2:26 – Deduction vs. tax planning

4:18 – Social Security

How to Deal with Financial Stress in Retirement

Psychologists have determined that retirement is the 10th most stressful event that you can experience in life. Today we’re sharing some ways to proactively deal with that stress.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

1:06 – Lifestyle changes

2:08 – Retiring earlier or later

3:01 – New challenges

3:53 – Keep options open

4:50 – Sense of perspective

Mailbag: Gifts to Children, Money After Retirement, Hiring Advisors

In today’s mailbag, we’re answering your questions. Carl wants to know if he can gift $150,000 to his daughter. Laura wonders what she should do with her money after retirement. And Eddie is debating whether to hire a financial advisor.


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What we discuss: 

0:33 – Gifting money to daughter

2:37 – Roll to an IRA?

4:05 – Hire an advisor?

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