Saving With Silverman

Don’t Get In Your Own Way

Let’s talk about some of the common ways that people get in their own way when it comes to financial planning. Maybe some disturbing statistics will help us understand why this happens.

Landmark Ages In Retirement Planning

Let's learn about some of the landmark ages in retirement planning, as well as why life insurance might be a good fit for your needs.

It’s Anyone’s Guess

Most people, when trying to plan their retirement, have to guess about the answers to some important questions. Let’s talk about some of those questions and why you need to have a better answer than just a guess. To help find these answers, let's help you recognize financial jargon that some advisors might try using on you.

Unanswerable Questions

Mark will help answer some questions that you can't answer for yourself. We'll also detail why hiring an advisor is in your best financial interest.

Fill In The Blanks

If you have kids, more often than not, they usually come up in the discussion when you’re talking about your retirement plans. Let’s talk about some of the ways that children sometimes end up being part of the discussion. We'll also fill in some blanks in your retirement plan.

Lies From Broker School

We'll teach you the lies you learn in broker school as well as some important financial terms. We'll also examine how emotions affect your decision-making process and much more.

Better Late Than Never

Join us as we seek to avoid cutting corners in retirement planning. Learn what you can do if you're arriving late to the retirement planning table.

Unreasonable Requests

While certainly none of our listeners would be guilty of making any of these unreasonable requests, let's talk about some of the unreasonable requests we sometimes hear. We'll also check in on your advisor.

How Risky Are Your Investments?

What is risk aversion, and does it affect you? Find out what Mark has to say. We'll also cover the tax consequences of your investments.

Getting In Tune

This week, Mark will teach you how to tune up your financial plan, put your pride in check, and live the dream in retirement. That's right; you'd be surprised in what we can accomplish in under an hour.