Saving With Silverman

Financial Proverbs That Can Help You

We made a list of some financial proverbs that we thought might be able to help you in your financial situation. Find out what you can glean from these wise words.


Key topics on this show: 

2:39 – Bird in the hand

4:02 – Rising tide

4:38 – Eggs in one basket

5:43 – One man’s trash


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What Does Retirement Mean to You?

Everyone has a different vision for what retirement will look and knowing how you’ll spend your time will help you build your retirement plan. Today we’ll look at what retirement commonly means to retirees in Arizona and Mark will also share his thoughts on the rise of inflation.


Key topics on this episode: 

0:39 – Mark’s thoughts on inflation

2:42 – Want to have nothing but fun

4:23 – Want to do nothing in retirement

6:15 – Want to spend time with family

7:01 – Want to keep working in some capacity

8:26 – Meeting with us


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Clean Out Your Financial Junk Drawer

Most people have a junk drawer at home with rubber bands, clothespins, highlighters, a tape measure, and a pair of scissors. But most people have a financial junk drawer, too. We’ll share what’s often in there and how those things might be put to better use.


Key topics on this show: 

1:52 – Life insurance policy

3:24 – Will or estate plan

4:34 – Social Security estimate

5:26 – 401k statements

6:46 – US savings bond

7:45 – Vacant lot


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Retirement Details That Often Get Overlooked

Today we’re sharing some details you might be overlooking as you plan for retirement. For example, have you thought about whether you’ll need to support your parents or children? We’ll share more missed details on today’s show.


Today's Key Points:

0:43 – Parents and kids

1:47 – Quitting your job

4:25 – Major purchases

5:31 – Death of spouse


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Mailbag: Expecting An Inheritance, Tax Withholdings, And More

Should you retire early If you believe a large inheritance is coming your way? How much tax should you be withholding? Should you buy an investment property with your parents? We’re answering your mailbag questions today.


Today's Key Points:

0:36 – Federal crimes

2:00 – Inheritance

3:53 – Withholdings

5:05 – Property with parents


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Are You Asking the Wrong Questions About Your Finances?

A lot of people have questions about their retirement plan, but you might be asking the wrong questions. We’ll share some common wrong questions and what better questions might be.


Today's Key Points:

0:46 – How much to save?

1:38 – Long-term care insurance

2:49 – The highest return

4:36 – Fees

5:55 – Taxes


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Hidden Expenses in Retirement Planning

Just because you can’t plainly see all of the expenses you’ll incur during the retirement planning process, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. We’ll share some of the hidden expenses you might uncover.


Today's Key Points:


2:00 – Mutual funds

2:47 – Variable annuities

3:57 – Inflation

5:43 – Tax increases

6:40 – Leisure activities


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Watch out for Financial Salespeople in Disguise

When looking for a financial advisor, beware of signs that they are more interested in giving you sales pitches than helping plan your financial future. We’ll share things to watch out for when selecting a professional to help with your money and tell you more about the planning process we utilize with clients.


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:38 – Advisor or salesperson?

2:30 – Planning process

4:37 – Mark’s process

5:48 – What makes us unique?

7:40 – The first conversation


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Things You Can Control (And Things You Can’t) in Retirement

In retirement planning, there are many things that are completely out of your control. Fortunately, the things that you can control allow you to deal with those things you can’t.


What we discuss in this episode: 

1:55 – Market and risk

3:40 – Life span and income

5:23 – Tax rates and future taxes

6:43 – Social Security and income plan


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How to Handle Unique Challenges in Retirement

Creating a customized retirement plan for any individual can mean addressing some unique challenges. We’ll share some scenarios, discuss the challenges presented and share what solutions we recommend.


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What we discuss in this episode:


1:53 – Age gap

2:48 – Early retirement

4:06 – Lack of liquidity

5:28 – Separate finances

6:23 – Divorce

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