Saving With Silverman

Ep 4: What is a Roth Conversion?

Roth conversions are becoming more and more popular as a retirement planning tool, but how much do you know about them? Today we’ll try to give you all the key information about Roth conversions so you can start determining if it’s a strategy that might work for you. 


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Today's rundown: 

0:55 – What is a Roth conversion and why is it worth considering?

3:10 – Why might he Roth conversion be especially helpful for people with high incomes?

3:36 – Are there any common mistakes that you see people make with this?

4:10 – Who might benefit from this strategy?

5:20 – What about someone that shouldn’t do a conversion?

6:10 - What else will you discuss with clients alongside Roth conversions?

Ep 3: Common Mistakes People Make with Their Financial Plan

Building a financial plan can be done on your own, but there’s a much greater chance of making a mistake. Without having a professional to provide you with solutions and help you craft a strategy that fits your needs, you put yourself at risk of following bad advice or overlooking important aspects of a comprehensive retirement plan. Let’s look at four common mistakes we see investors make and what you can do to avoid them.


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Today's show rundown: 

0:51 – The first mistake we see is people believe bonds are a completely safe investment.  

2:11 – The second mistake is not protecting yourself from long-term care needs.

3:47 – The third mistake is not protecting yourself from market decline.

5:11 – There are many tools and strategies that you can use during the planning process.

6:16 – The fourth mistake is not having a plan at all.

Ep 2: How Much Cash Should You Keep on Hand?

Of course, we all want a healthy bank account. Having a good amount of dollars within easy grasp is helpful in the case of emergencies or for medium-sized purchases where you don’t want to have to liquidate assets. But is it counterproductive to have too much cash on hand? We’ll explore that idea and other pressing questions about the role that cash plays in financial and retirement planning.


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Today's show rundown: 

1:22 – How much cash do we generally recommend people keep on hand?

3:07 – How do you come up with total for an emergency fund?

4:23 – Why do people typically end up keeping too much money in cash?

5:28 – Here are ways you can invest more efficiently without taking on all the risk of the market.

7:18 – What we talk about with clients during that introductory 20 minute meeting.

Ep 1: Getting to Know Mark Silverman & the Updated Podcast

You’ve heard us on radio for a while but we’re excited to return to the world of podcasting to give you even more ways to listen and learn about financial planning. Today we’ll kick off the very first episode by getting to know more about Mark Silverman – his life, his career, and what he loves about living and working in Tuscon, Arizona.


Today's show rundown: 

1:32 – Let’s get to know more about the business. What does being a financial advisor mean to Mark?

2:54 – The day-to-day challenges of financial planning never get boring.

3:36 – Mark tells the story of how he got into the business.

4:10 – Gives us an idea of what financial planning looks like for your clients.

5:30 – What does Mark like most about being both an advisor and a coach?  

6:32 – Tell us one thing you really want people to know about you.

7:40 – What does Mark like most about living in Tuscon?

8:36 – What’s the last place you visited?

9:14 – Why we decided to launch the podcast and what do we hope people will learn?

11:10 – Here are some of the topics we’ll cover on the podcast.

12:13 – Who is the ideal listener for this show?

Don’t Get In Your Own Way

Let’s talk about some of the common ways that people get in their own way when it comes to financial planning. Maybe some disturbing statistics will help us understand why this happens.

Landmark Ages In Retirement Planning

Let's learn about some of the landmark ages in retirement planning, as well as why life insurance might be a good fit for your needs.

It’s Anyone’s Guess

Most people, when trying to plan their retirement, have to guess about the answers to some important questions. Let’s talk about some of those questions and why you need to have a better answer than just a guess. To help find these answers, let's help you recognize financial jargon that some advisors might try using on you.

Unanswerable Questions

Mark will help answer some questions that you can't answer for yourself. We'll also detail why hiring an advisor is in your best financial interest.

Fill In The Blanks

If you have kids, more often than not, they usually come up in the discussion when you’re talking about your retirement plans. Let’s talk about some of the ways that children sometimes end up being part of the discussion. We'll also fill in some blanks in your retirement plan.

Lies From Broker School

We'll teach you the lies you learn in broker school as well as some important financial terms. We'll also examine how emotions affect your decision-making process and much more.